Saturday, February 13, 2010

Survivor Villains Edition

Now onto my thoughts on who I think will go from the Villains tribe on the next Survivor.

Coach - Oh Coach your man crush on Boston Rob is so sad. He was hanging on Boston Rob's every word as if it was God talking. For now I think the dragon slayer will be safe especially since he had a good showing in the reward challenge against Colby.

PS Can you believe our "showmance" this season could be Coach and Jerri?

Courtney - Courtney annoys me to no end and it's only the first episode. She's the smallest girl this season which makes her a good candidate to go home next episode.

- I wasn't a fan of Danielle on her season (mainly because I was a big Terry fan). I do think she could go far this season since she might fly under the radar for a while. It will be interesting to see if she aligns with Russell.

Jerri - Jerri will never win Survivor since she takes the game way too personally. I don't see her going right away but I also don't think she will be around for very long.

Parvati - Even though Parvati is a part winner I think she has a good shot winning the million again. She's a smart player who can go far in this game. I'm guessing she'll team up with Amanda and Cirie come the merge.

Randy - I don't think Randy is long for this game. I'm actually surprised he was even brought back. My guess is that he was added once they realized Richard Hatch couldn't make the trip. I had heard that Shane (who didn't love him with his Blackberry made of wood) was going to be coming back but was bumped for Russell. I would of much rather seen Shane instead of Randy. I'm going to say that Randy could be on the chopping block this week.

Boston Rob - Like Candice on the Hero tribe Boston Rob is my pick to win it on the Villain tribe. Even though he's a huge threat he's so smooth that they won't get rid of him anytime soon. I know they showed him passing out in next episode but I'm guessing it isn't as bad as they made it seem.

- Russell was my favorite player last season (although I hated him at first) and I think he was robbed by a bitter jury. However, I didn't get a good feeling about Russell from the first episode. They focused way too much time on him which I'd like to think was because he's the freshest in our minds and played the game so crazy. He's already making multiple alliances like he did the last time but I don't know how easy it will be for him to get rid of his targets this time. If Parvati expresses her concerns she had this past episode he could certainly be gone next episode.

Sandra - I'm not a Sandra fan so I'm hoping she goes soon but I don't see that happening especially if she tries to align with Boston Rob. Even though she's a past winner I think she's safe for now.

Tyson - Tyson certainly provides us with some entertaining soundbites (like most of the Villains). I saw an interview with him where he said he would be playing a different game this time around that put him more in the background. If that's the case I think he could go far in the game.

Who could go next?

Courtney, Randy or Russell

Who will go?

I'm going with Randy since he told Boston Rob he would never get the fire started and that they should just give up. Also he doesn't really offer anything in challenges.

Who do I want gone?

Courtney since I find her extremely annoying.

Any thoughts on what I have posted? Do you agree or disagree and who would you like to see go next week?

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I totally agree with you on Randy, I can't stand him and wish they'd chosen Shane instead. I've got to disagree about Courtney though, I find her hilarious. I can't wait to see what she'll say to the camera about Coach and Jerri!

  2. I really don't like Coach, Tyson, and Randy and hope none of them win.