Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor Is Back!

The premiere of Survivor's 20th season aired last night and I have to say I think this is going to be a season to remember. Since I started it last season I'd like to continue posting each week who I think will be voted off next and who I want to see voted off next. I've decided since there are a large amount of players still in the game I will take each team one at a time and chose a player from each who I think will be gone next week.

First up the Heroes Tribe....

Amanda - I know Amanda is a fan favorite for some but I really cannot stand her. I don't know what it is but I think it was probably her two tribal council performances. However, she has been able to get to the finals twice. Right now it looks like she is aligned with Cirie which is good since she is such a good game player. Right now I say Amanda is safe.

Candice - Candice is my pick to make it all the way. She doesn't have anyone to align with and I think that may work to her advantage. I'm thinking she'll fly under to radar while the other big players try to take each other out. Come the merge I see Russell trying to align with her.

Cirie - Cirie is one of my favorite players in Survivor and I would love to see her win this game. However she may not be able to play her nice girl/stay in the background game this time around since everyone is on to her. I'd also say she could go home next week since her name was tossed around by Tom and JT.

Colby - Like Candice he doesn't have anyone on his tribe to align with from his previous season. For now I think he's safe since there are two previous winners on his tribe but once they get closer to the merge he needs to watch out.

P.S. How sad was it for Colby to get his butt whipped by Coach?

James - James is another favorite of mine and even though he made some stupid moves in his previous seasons I'd like to think that he has learned from them. For the time being he should be safe especially since he's the biggest guy there and they will need him for challenges.

JT - I have a feeling that JT is not long for this game. Unless he gets to the finals with another winner he'll never win the million this time around. Right now he seems to be safe since Tom has a bigger target on his back per Cirie.

Rupert - Rupert what happened to you?!? You used to be my favorite Survivor but now your head has gotten so big that I can't really stand you. I loved Rupert but game play wise he's never been good. He just doesn't have what it takes to win Survivor since he's can't play the game somewhat dirty. Now that he's got an injured foot I wouldn't be surprised if he goes soon.

Stephanie - I loved Stephanie on her original season but then again who didn't. Everyone loves the underdog and Stephanie definitely was her season. Unfortunately she came back a second time and became a gigantic bitch. I couldn't stand her by the end of Guatemala and was glad to see her loose to Danni. So far she didn't seem too bad last night and I hope we get to see the Stephanie we loved in Palau. I do think she could be in danger though since she is aligned with Tom and probably the strongest female there.

Tom - Tom is another favorite of mine. I loved him in Palau and I hope to love him again this season. Unfortunately he's a past winner and Cirie already has a target on him. He could very well go next week especially if Cirie has her way.

Who could go?
Cirie, Rupert, Stephanie, or Tom

Who will go?
I'm going with Rupert since he's injured and and an easy target to get rid of if they have to go back to tribal council again. Also since Rupert is so well liked he'll be tough to beat in the final.

Who do I want gone?
At this moment probably JT since he's already won and he's not really a favorite of mine. It's so hard to pick someone you want gone when you like almost everyone in one way or another.

Sugar: Sugar sweetheart you were just too annoying for this game. You didn't seem to help much in the challenge with the puzzle and then you annoyed poor Colby and followed him around like a lost puppy dog. While I give you credit for ditching your top during the reward challenge once Sandra unhooked it you just weren't long for this game. See you on the finale!

Well that's it for the Hero tribe. I'm going to work on the Villain tribe this weekend and will hopefully have it posted soon.

Any thoughts on the Hero tribe or the episode from last night? Do you agree with my pick for next week? Who do you want to see gone and who do you think will go next week?

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  1. Oh I love survivor!!! I know this sounds crazy but we are big Russle fans at our house...only because he is the best player ever...I mean with all those immunity idols last season he totally should have won!! But he is the only villain that we like so we are totally rooting for the heroes this season!!!!

  2. My husband and I love Russell too! He's just so good. We'd love to see him win.

  3. I'm so excited it's back! It's great to have Colby back because he is so hot and just a nice guy. I love JT even though he did win and I'm not familiar with a lot of the other people. I loathe Coach and Tyson and hope they go soon.