Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Top Two Tuesday!

Today's topic is Top Two Dream Vacations so head on over to Taylor's blog to get in on the fun.

1. Disney World

Even though I've been there several times I can never get enough of Disney World. It really is my happiest place on earth. My main reason for putting it at #1 though is because we went there on our honeymoon this past October. It was by far the best vacation of my life and I would love to relive it all over again.

2. Paris

After taking 8 years of French in school I realized how much I fell in love with France. My dream has always been to move there for 6 months - a year. Now that I'm married I know that won't be happening anytime soon but I'm hoping we can try it once we retire.



  1. I love Disney World too!! I could just go back over and over again :)

  2. I put Disney too and we honeymooned there as well! It's such a great place! :)

  3. I take Disney World for granted considering I only live an hour away but I would love to go to Paris!

  4. Once you retire will be a long way away. You never know, perhaps when you and your husband have that long annual holiday, you can fly over to France and spend some time on the beaches on the southern coast. :)

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  5. For the retiring part I meant that I'm hoping we'll move to France once we retire since it's always been a dream of mine. As far as traveling there we are hoping to do that for our 5 year anniversary.

  6. I have never been to Disney world, but I really want to go!

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