Thursday, February 4, 2010

I got to meet the Pioneer Woman!

Ok I know this is really late but Chemistry and Biology are taking up all of my time. Plus LOST just started (I'm so sad its going to be over forever).

Now onto my recap of the Pioneer Woman book signing I went to (and dragged Chuck to). The signing was in West Chester, PA which was 1 1/2-2 hours from us. It was a cold rainy day but that didn't matter since I had been looking forward to this for months. I called that morning when the store opened and bought my book over the phone so they could give me a number. I got number.....

Not bad at all....especially since there were over 250 people there. The signing started at 2:30 and we got to the book store around 11:30. Poor Chuck had to work 11PM-7AM the night before so he had only had a couple hours of sleep. I'd like to thank him for coming with me especially since he had to work the same hours again that night. He was a trooper. They had chairs set-up in the back so we grabbed a seat (there were already a huge group of people) and did some reading.

Finally it was time for Ree to come out! She was so sweet and funny. Chuck was instantly smitten and finally understood why I enjoy her blog so much. She answered a bunch of questions from the audience (including how she is probably going to be publishing Black Heels to Tracker Wheels!)

After the Q&A it was time to line up!

Slowly we made our way up to the front.

Before long we were finally there and got to meet Ree. Chuck was nice enough to take a picture of me talking to her about her hair. While I can see how it wasn't her normal red color it still looked good.

Then Chuck jumped in so we could get a quick picture with her.

Even though the weather was dreary and wet we both had a good time and really enjoyed meeting the Pioneer Woman. She took her time with everyone and was so sweet and nice. As for her cookbook.....we love it! So far our two favorite recipes are her meatloaf and Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich. They are both so yummy and pretty easy to make. I'm not much of a cook but I'm getting better and would recommend Ree's cookbook to anyone who's looking for something new.

Anyone else have the PW cookbook? If so what is your favorite recipe from it?

If you don't have it then what is your favorite recipe you've recently tried?


  1. sojealous you got to meet her! I love her lasagna and chocolate sheetcake recipes!

  2. Did you read her interview in Woman's Day? She seems like such an amazing woman. Must have been awesome to meet her!

  3. I haven't read the Woman's Day article yet but I want to.