Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The past week of Survivor had a double elimination with Dave and Monica going home (I guessed correctly…go me!) Dave was the obvious choice to go first and there really wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he would go. Monica on the other hand put up a good fight. While I wasn’t a fan of Monica I would have rather seen Shambo go this week. Has she done anything all season? I have a feeling Shambo is going to be sticking around since Russell needs her vote (or at least that is what the previews want us to believe).

So who is next on the chopping block? Let’s take a look at how everyone stands in the game.

Brett – I actually think Brett has a really interesting position in the game this week because it could go either way for him. The former Foa Foa could stick together and just take the easy way out and get rid of him or they could start eating each other alive and forget about him. I have a feeling that Brett has been downplaying his challenge strength and could go on an immunity winning spree. Also if the previews are to be believed Natalie and Mick may be trying to get him to vote with them. He definitely has the strongest chance of going this week though.

Jaison – Wow did Jaison shot himself in the foot by telling Monica and Brett about Russell. Yes it will now allow everyone on the jury to know about his income but making Russell mad has never been a good thing to do in the game so far. Still with Mick and Natalie possibly leaving their alliance with Russell he’s going to need Jaison’s vote so I think he’s safe this week.

Mick – If Mick aligns with Brett it will be by far the most boring alliance Survivor has ever seen. One where Brett is invisible and Mick thinks snakes go around talking to young children. I will give credit to Mick for getting smart and realizing Russell has no plans to take him to the finals, but what has Mick done this season to warrant winning? I think it’s possible he could go this week but there are bigger targets so I’m going to say he’s safe.

Natalie – I don’t know what to think of Natalie anymore. She seemed like a decent partner to Russell but now that we haven’t seen her much in the last episode I’m wondering if her time on the island is coming to a close. If she betrays Russell and forms an alliance with Mick and Brett she may be the next to go because Russell will be bitter and angry.

Russell – Wow! Russell just pulled the immunity idol out and wore it at tribal council. I can’t decide if that was a smart move or just plan stupid. You can’t fault the guy for playing an insane game. He’ll do anything to win and I really hope he does since I think he’s played the best this season. However, I do think it’s possible he could go this week. If Mick, Brett, and Natalie join together without Russell knowing and Natalie convinces him Brett is going home he may not play the idol and be voted out.

Shambo – Will they just send her home already! She has done nothing in the game without being told to and she plays with her emotions. She is extremely tight with Russell (can you believe how fast he was able to convince her that voting John out and not telling her was doing her a favor?) so I don’t think she’ll go this week since he needs her vote. Also I think everyone left in the game (including Russell) would win against her so she has a strong possibility of making the finals (boo!)

Who do I want gone this week: Shambo

Who do I think will go this week: I’m torn between Brett and Russell although I do think Natalie could be thrown in there too.

How about everyone else? Who do you want to see gone this week? Who do you think will go this week?

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  1. I SO want Shambo gone now. She was integral in getting Foa Foa through to the end, but now they don't need her and she is so annoying.

    On, there's a deleted scene where Natalie tells the confessional camera that she plans on staying true to Russell no matter what - that makes me like her a little less. If she's smart, she won't go to the end with Russell.