Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Excited!

I’m so excited!!! Today I called and reserved my copy of “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” by Ree Drummond. If that name doesn’t ring a bell maybe The Pioneer Woman will….nothing? Well then you need to go right over to www.thepioneerwoman.com/
and read all about Ree’s incredible life. Every section of her site is filled with gorgeous pictures (I need a camera like hers), yummy recipes, and witty writing. Since discovering the PW site a year ago I can’t go a day without checking out what is new in Ree’s life.

Anyway, Ree wrote a cookbook and has been on a book signing tour for the past couple of months and one of her final stops is in my neck of the woods. So this Sunday Chuck and I will be traveling two hours to wait in line and hopefully meet Ree in person. I’ll have my camera with me and hopefully I’ll get some good shots.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite blog what is yours?


  1. I adore PW's blog! She is so funny and witty. I also enjoy Bake It Pretty (http://www.bakeitpretty.com/blog/) and Bakerella's (www.bakerella.com) blogs.

    Have so much fun meeting Ree! You are one lucky lady....she's not coming to the Indy area. :)

  2. Her site is awesome! Have you read her love story? I couldn't stop reading it!

    Have fun meeting her!

  3. Rachel - I love bakerella.com! I wish I could bake like that.

    Emmy - I started reading Ree's love story but haven't finished yet. It's usually something I go to when I don't have anything to do at work....like today so hopefully I'll get more done now.

  4. I'm with Emmy. I read her love story long after she published most of it so by the time I got to it I could sit and read it like a novel. I loved it.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. It's nice to see a new face. :)

  5. I like www.Kevinandamanda.com - she has great recipes and she is the most organized person EVER!!!! Thats how I discovered PW!!!!

  6. Thanks for posting about www.Kevinandamanda.com Christina! I'm hooked on it now!