Monday, November 30, 2009

Our first Thanksgiving!

I am proud to announce that Mr. and Mrs. D’s first Thanksgiving was a success! I really didn’t think offering to make Thanksgiving dinner this year was a big deal when I volunteered Chuck and I to do it and I didn’t stress about it at all before the actual day. Once we got to my parents’ house to make dinner though I started to panic. How would everything come together and how will the turkey turn out? Thankfully everything came together and we enjoyed a nice dinner with my family and Chuck’s mom.

I would like to thank my wonderful husband for helping me with everything. His birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year and yet he spent the entire day in the kitchen with me and even got a nasty burn on his arm from the stuffing pan (and managed not to drop it while getting the burn). I love you and don’t deserve you.

Our turkey (we were very proud)

He was very happy with it

Chuck's and my mom

Chuck's mom with my brother, Bobby

The table

Starting from the left: my dad, me, my mom, my sister (Teenie), my brother (Bobby), Chuck's mom, my aunt, my Pop Pop, and my Nana

Chuck's birthday cake (he loved it and I'm happy I actually surprised him with it.)

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  1. I loved spending my birthday and Thanksgiving with you! We did a pretty darn good for our first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So yea I got a burn and it hurt but my baby was there to help me. I love you so much. Great job on the dinner. It was a blast!